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1.Why I’ve created the plug-in?


I was always missing a small functionality in Eclipse - a Favourite SAP T-Codes which we all know form SAP Menu. I know to you can call SMEN transaction using Alt+F8 but it does not fill the simplicity requirement. That's why I started to ask about the possibility to have favourite T-Codes view somewhere in ADT in Eclipse. I rather thought that Thomas, the product owner of ADT would say that they will implement this in one of next releases, but instead he encourage me to do it myself.


At first glance it was like WOW I hate Java, why I should do it myself when for the other it would take only some minutes, but then after few minutes I thought that this could be a really good exercise for myself to try to do something completely new in a language that is not my main programming language, or better said an a language which I don't use if I don't have to.  

Thomas gave me some really good starting points by giving links to the blogs from SCN. Additionally I've started to search the web for the eclipse plug-in developments so I could get some more information about it. It was hard time for me, I've stopped this few times until I said, no this cannot be that hard. You're supposed to be a cleaver guy so small plug-in in Java should not be that hard..... 

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Bellow you can find the record of my session "Speed up your coding with ABAP in Eclipse"  at SAP Inside Track Wrocław 2017, which took place on 27th of May. During the session I was not able to cover whole topic although the session last 10 minutes longer than it should be, as I received lots of question during the session. 

I haven't watched whole video, I just checked if the voice was recorded correctly, so in case any problems with the video, please let me know.


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Dark theme is available in Eclipse since a long time, but there were many problems with easy setting of all colors in editors, windows and popups.

Sometimes you had to even adjust your system settings to be able to adjust some colors.

This discouraged many persons to switch to the dark side of eclipse.

But now there is a new hope for it! 

Darkest Dark Theme by Genuitec which can be found in eclipse marketplace hits the spot here. It's not only changing the background colors of editors and windows, but it's adjusting the color settings for fonts, it changes a lot of standard icons and the display of many elements of eclipse.

Personally I didn't like the color settings for ABAP, so I've used my old files which you can find in this article AiE (ADT) dark theme settings, but this is my personal opinion, so for you the default settings may looks ok. There is also one big added value for Darkest Dark Theme: during installation you get also icon editor which can be used to customise all icons in eclipse! Your changes after synchronisation with Genuitec accounts can be used as a default settings for Darkest Dark theme (of course they must be accepted by moderator firstly).

So how does it looks like now?

You'll spot the change directly on logon screen, where there is no white/grey background places anymore.

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This time the problem which I solved was not an ABAP problem, although at the beginning I thought it is, as while creating of deliveries without reference in standard transaction were done correctly without any issues, then when I tried to do it in ABAP, I always received the error VL473 - Copying is not poss.because an entry is missing in Table TVCPL. 

I thought that this is some kind of nonsense as with standard t-code it was working correctly, so I tried several FM to create deliveries without reference but always with the same result as you can see on picture bellow. 

Then I did what I should do from beginning. I used where used function to display where TVCPL table is used and I found two views V_TVCPLAK and V_TVCPLAP.

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I've seen on SCN plenty of question about copying BOM from one plant to other, or from one material to other. Most of them were closed by using LSMW or direct input methods, but there is a really nice way to do it using CEWB function modules. I've been playing with CEWB modules for a long time so I'm not afraid to debug CEWB in case I cannot make it work by myself but when you look on the logic of the sample program to copy BOM then you'll see it's reasonable. 
  1. At the beginning let's clear Function Group memory using FM 'CP_CC_S_REFRESH_DATA'. Just for the safety reasons :-)
  2. Then let's load BOM header data to FG memory. If you want to do mass transaction then you would probably want to fill selection table i_cpsc_bom_sel with more than one BOM number, it will be then faster than calling FM 'CP_CC_S_LOAD_COMPLEX_BY_BOM' separately many times.
  3. But header data is not enough, we should do same thing for BOM items using FM 'CP_CC_S_LOAD_COMPLEX_BY_ITM', as Items belongs to different work area in CEWB.
  4. Once we loaded data to memory we can start copying, firstly we need to call 'CP_CC_S_BOM_PROVIDE_BY_MBM' to get source header data and then use its export parameters in FM 'CS_CL_S_MAT_BOM_CREATE_BY_COPY', which is doing copy of a header data.
  5. Once it's done we have to get source items from memory using 'CS_CL_P_ITM_PROVIDE', and then use it for copying items to our target BOM in 'CS_CL_S_ITM_CREATE_BY_COPY'.
  6. At the end, when everything is fine, use FM 'CP_CC_S_SAVEto save your changes and commit your work.

Work done!
Bellow and in the NUGG attachment you can find sample program which is using this technique for single BOM copy. It does not have error handling or built-in change number usage but you can do it yourself in your programs if this will be necessary.
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When you use QM01/QM02/QM03/IQS1/IQS2/IQS3 transactions then you've noticed that when you have some task defined then you cannot directly go to attachments of notification. Following popup always appears:
But there is a way of getting rid of it. We can add new action box action to call directly attachments of notification.
So go to SPRO and find Define Action Box in QM node.
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Today I've got a question from Custodio de Oliveira (hope you don't mind mentioning) about Dark Eclipse settings which I'm using. As I know that settings colors in Eclipse for ADT is a pain, then I want to share with you my settings and the steps to achieve the same look like I have on my installation. Of course you can update it by your own, but at least you have a starting point.
Probably this is how your Eclipse looks like, or if not then the default settings for ADT. White and eye-killing.
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Many people still asks how to create field catalog for CL_GUI_ALV_GRID or REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY on a base of internal table. This is very easy since we have SALV classes, you could see it in my article Create XLSX/MHTML file from internal table in background and probably also somewhere in the net. To make it easier here are ready methods to create LVC and SLIS field catalogs from internal table using CL_SALV_CONTROLLER_METADATA and  CL_SALV_TABLE. Both methods are created with new ABAP 7.40 SP05 syntax.
LVC Field catalog definition

  class-methods lvc_fcat_from_internal_table
    it_table type any table
  returning value(rt_fcattype lvc_t_fcat.

LVC field catalog implementation

  method lvc_fcat_from_internal_table.
    datatable type ref to data.
    create data table like it_table.
    assign table->to field-symbol(<table>).
                                  r_salv_table   data(salv_table)
                                  t_table        <table>  ).
        rt_fcat cl_salv_controller_metadata=>get_lvc_fieldcatalog(
            r_columns      salv_table->get_columns" ALV Filter
            r_aggregations salv_table->get_aggregations" ALV Aggregations
      catch cx_root.

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