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The latest version of each part of FALV can be found on github repository https://github.com/fidley/falv which you can use in abapGit for easier up to date handling. 
Cell settings are possible if you have table lvc_t_styl in output table structure. If you want to use FALV way of handling cell settings then you need to firstly set stylefname attribute of layout so then you can use set_cell_xxxx methods. In following example, cell settings are set at hotspot click.

"! This is demo for FALV with cell settings
"! done by Lukasz Pegiel for http://abapblog.com
report zdemo_falv09.

typesbegin of t_sflight.
        include type sflight.
types:  styles type lvc_t_styl,
        end of t_sflight.

datasflight type standard table of t_sflight.

class lcl_test definition inheriting from zcl_falv.
  public section.

  protected section.
    "redefinition of event handler
    methods evt_hotspot_click redefinition.
  private section.


class lcl_test implementation.

  method evt_hotspot_click.
    case e_column_id-fieldname.
      when 'SEATSMAX'.
            iv_fieldname e_column_id-fieldname
            iv_row       es_row_no-row_id
            iv_fieldname 'PRICE'
            iv_row       es_row_no-row_id

            iv_fieldname 'CARRID'
            iv_row       es_row_no-row_id




  select up to 100 rows
  into corresponding fields of table @sflight
  from sflight.

  "creation of falv with local redefinition
  data falv type ref to lcl_test.
  falv ?= lcl_test=>createexporting  i_subclass cl_abap_classdescr=>describe_by_namep_name 'LCL_TEST' )
                              changing ct_table sflight    .

  "Add title variable
  falv->title_v1 'ZDEMO_FALV09'.

  "set whole grid editable
  falv->layout->set_editabap_true ).
  falv->set_editableiv_modify abap_true ).

  "Set style column name
  falv->layout->set_stylefname'STYLES' ).

  falv->column'SEATSMAX' )->set_hotspotabap_true  ).

  "Display full screen grid

Video with demo results