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The latest version of each part of FALV can be found on github repository https://github.com/fidley/falv which you can use in abapGit for easier up to date handling. 
First demo shows how fast and simple is to use FALV. A table is passed to factory method , title is updated and then full screen grid displayed

"! This is demo for FALV standard fast call
"! done by Lukasz Pegiel for http://abapblog.com
report zdemo_falv01.

datasflight type standard table of sflight.


  select up to 100 rows
  into corresponding fields of table @sflight
  from sflight.

  "FALV creation with only table passed
  data(falvzcl_falv=>createchanging ct_table sflight ).

  "Add title variable
  falv->title_v1 'ZDEMO_FALV01'.
  "Display full screen grid

The result of this program looks like REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY

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