Thank you for visiting my blog, if you're interested in who I am, then please read this few words about me.


I'm working with SAP systems since 2004 when I joined Hager Group. I started as a normal user who was able to create mater data of materials, BOMs and routings. I had also an access to LSWM where I could change a bit a behaviour of some existing projects, and then for the first time I touched ABAP. As ABAP was similar to the programing languages that I knew before (Pascal, VB) and I always wanted to work in IT, then I asked in 2008 to be moved to IT department responsible for SAP development and configuration. 

I started with creation of some simple reports but with time my code started to look better than at beginning. Even if you look on this blog, you'll notice that my programming style is still changing, hopefully in good direction.

The reason of existence of this blog is that I used and I'm still using a lot of work of the community that I wanted to give something from myself to the community as well.


Personally I'm proud husband and father of three boys, who likes to pretend that he can sing and play guitar and that he's a football star. I have lot's of ideas in my head but not too much time to make them all alive. In my "free" time I also help my wife in her business by creating & updating websites ( Salon Kosmetyczny Tychy, Trycholog Tychy) and software for running her beauty salon.