As the description says, the meaning of that field is to set the internal length of the field in Bytes. During my whole career as ABAP Developer, I had never filled that field manually. Usually you’ll not bother yourself about it. But if you do, then take into consideration following information:

  • Length is in Bytes, so remember that it doesn’t mean, that one character takes one Byte
  • In display mode, you’ll not notice probably any change
  • When you’ll setup this incorrectly, you may have problems when you allow grid to be editable, for example:
    When I’ve set the INTLEN to ‘2’ for column FLTIME, then although I’ve entered the value of ‘12’ into the column, system didn’t allowed me to save it.


Figure 94 Error in edit mode caused by wrong value of field INTLEN (ZDEMO_AIN_CL38)


Figure 95 Error message of  ZDEMO_AIN_CL38