This field allows us to set (or change) the header text of the column. It can consist up to 55 characters in lowercase mode. When you use data dictionary reference ( REF_FIELD, REF_TABLE ) it is populated automatically from the data element of the referenced field.

Figure 97 Texts of Data Element S_FROMAIRP


When you do not use reference to data dictionary and you set REPTEXT manually, then if you explicitly don’t set the SELTEXT and TOOLTIP fields, ALV will automatically copy the content of REPTEXT into those fields.

Figure 98 Field catalog with automatic and manual REPTEXT in ZDEMO_AIN_CL40



As you can see, grid looks much better with the column headers, also proper naming of the columns will help the users to better understand the values of the column.

Figure 99 Result of ZDEMO_AIN_CL40 with REPTEXT set to 'Test Header'