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This year I've organized ABAP Code Retreat in Tychy for the second time. In this recap I want not only tell you about the event itself, but also about how the whole organisation of the event took place. If you'll read it to the end, you'll notice that it is not that hard :) 

I've organized one such event before in 2017, when Christian Drumm was leading the whole event. I was very satisfied that 16 from 24 registered participants, so my expectations were that this time it will be more persons. I aslo knew exactly how much food and drinks I need for the event, what path of organisation to follow, but if you want to organize such event, then I'll point all needs and steps, so you can see if maybe you can organize such event also.

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This year in July I received an email from SAP Developer Relation team that I was nominate for one of thirty SAP TechEd Developer Heroes 2016.
This was quite unsuspected but at the same time very pleasure information. I was nominated for Contributing to ABAP and OS projects, I guess because of FALV project ( my part in abap2xlsx is too small ). To be honest there are many other developers who should get the Developer Hero title and I hope they will do next year, just don't be afraid to vote for them ( I'll not ).
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Why I like to code ABAP in Eclipse?
I was receiving this question very often in the past, but I really thought that most of the developers who can use AiE, are using it. But seems that I was wrong. Still a lot of you use SE80. I don’t mind it, I also use it myself in some circumstances, but sooner or later you’ll need to switch to AiE, for example when you work with HANA.
That’s why I’ve decided to write about why I use AiE. What I like in it and what I dislike. AiE is not perfect (yet) but there are some advantages which you should consider.

1.       My first touch with ABAP in Eclipse

It was not the love from the first sight. Although I liked very much the idea of using Eclipse for developing in ABAP. When I’ve read about it, I said – “Finally, a proper development environment for ABAP”. But the reality at least for me was not that bright at the moment. Eclipse was working quite slow at the time or at least at the system installation I was using. I’ve been trying Eclipse Juno at that time, and after 2-3 days I gave up.

2.       Return

I’ve return to Eclipse after month or two, when Kepler release was out together with new version of AiE. I’ve said at the time: “I’ll try to work with Eclipse for one month, if it will not convince me, then I’ll not try it at least to the next Eclipse version (they appear regularly each year)”.
But after one week of working with Eclipse and ABAP OO, I was sure that this is the correct way of working, although there were still some improvements to do.

3.       AiE Support and development

Before I will write about the tool itself, I’d like to mention whole AiE development team with Thomas Fiedler on the top of it. Whole team is doing really good job and they are really open on all suggestions and remarks. It happened not once that after a suggestion on SCN or Twitter some new option was added. And when you face a bug in Eclipse, they are also there to help and solve the issue.
Cannot say more than BRAVO!
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This question seems to be funny as usually you rather read "How can I learn ABAP?". But how to teach? Should we follow any rules ? Should we keep to some path of teaching, special sequences or guides? Well I don't know the answer to all this questions but my experience in teaching ABAP gives me possibility to share with you what and how to do with your "apprentice".
Before I start I'll just mention that persons I've learnt/I'm learning have always at least basic skills in programming but in other languages, therefore I didn't mention here any points about teaching the basic programming stuff here.
1. Start with basic info about ABAP
When you switch to new programming language you firstly check what types are built-in, what is the syntax to create a function or method and this is what you should start with when you teach ABAP. I have created some basic description about types, basic syntax, tables,  etc. for my master’s thesis and give it always to newcomers to read it as a first step. I have there also small description about main development transactions. So if you know that you'll learn more than one person, then it's really useful to have such document. If you don't have it, then create it. It will take a while, but once done it's done. 
After such lecture your young Padawan should be able to write "Hello World" programs and should be familiar with really basics of the ABAP.
Just as remark, as long as you don't have really trusted and up to date source, don't use ready documents of someone else in here, as this can bring you headache from the beginning of this long way.
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