If you want to display an icon inside the cell, then you need to setup a value of this field to ‘X’ and additionally you need to put an icon from type-pool ICON into the corresponding field of your internal table. The corresponding field should be an CHAR4 field. You can use of course the domain ICON_D as well. In my example I’ve filled all rows with the same icon (ICON_ABAP) during the selection of data into internal table, but in productive programs, you’ll probably do this during the loop over internal table, as probably you’ll want to setup different icons for a row, depending on the content of other field.


Figure 36 ZDEMO_AIN_CL16 Select with ICON_ABAP


Figure 37 ZDEMO_AIN_CL16 Results with ICON

To visualize all available icons, it’s enough to go to SE16 or SE16N and display the content of a table ICON. You’ll see then how icons looks in your current SAP GUI theme.


Figure 38 Content of ICON table