In my article about cl_progress_indicator I've mentioned that sometimes progress showing is more time consuming than the action which is described by it, so you must be careful when using progress indicator in ABAP. I've said also that it's better to cl_progress_indicator instead of FM SAPGUI_PROGRESS_INDICATOR because of built-in function to show progress only once per 10 seconds. But sometimes when using standard SAP FM we can see that progress showing is taking too much time (like SAP_CONVERT_TO_CSV_FORMAT for example), and as we should not do any modification of the system code then we need to use a small trick to get rid of such progress indicators.
If you look into code of SAPGUI_PROGRESS_INDICATOR then you'll notice that showing of progress depends on parameter called SIN :-) 
So what you can do is simply SET PARAMETER ID 'SIN' FIELD '0'. And you will get rid of progress indicator in not needed places.
I've prepared also a class with single method to do that and a demo program of which result you can see in video bellow. It shows what's the difference when you suppres the progress indicator. 
Class is call zab_suppress_progress_ind and you can find it in the NUGG file attached to this article as long as the demo program. The class contains only single method suppress with following implementation:

  method suppress.
    constantssin_0 type length value 0.
    constantssin type memoryid value 'SIN'.
    datasin_oryginal type length 1.

    get parameter id sin field sin_oryginal.
    check sin_oryginal ne '0'"no need to set anything

    set parameter id sin field sin_0.
    "A call of which will set up parameter prog_indi_mode in FG SGUI
        percentage 100
        text       'Dummy'.

    set parameter id sin field sin_oryginal"Return to original mode
  endmethod.                    "supress

Demo program to check how the suppressing is working you can find bellow. 

report  zab_suppress_progress_demo.

datagt_sbook type standard table of sbook.
datagt_csv type truxs_t_text_data.

parametersp_supp radiobutton group gr1 ,
            p_show radiobutton group gr1 default 'X'.

  select up to 50000 rows
  into corresponding fields of table gt_sbook
  from sbook.

  if p_supp eq abap_true.

  call function 'SAP_CONVERT_TO_CSV_FORMAT'
      i_field_seperator    ';'
      i_line_header        abap_true
      i_tab_sap_data       gt_sbook
      i_tab_converted_data gt_csv
      conversion_failed    1
      others         2.

  if sy-subrc eq 0.


  message i001(00with 'Done'.

Please note that suppressing should be done before first call of progress indicator as in other case the parameter SIN will no longer be checked and progress indicator will not be suppressed!
For the end, when I was looking where SIN parameter is used (I hoped there is and existing class of FM to suppress the indicator) I found one nice comment in class constructor of CL_WDG_TOOL :-)
Have Fun