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This field is one of the basic ones in field catalog. It contains the fieldname of internal table that will be used in our grid. Although LVC_T_FCAT is standard table, then this field should be treated as key field, as in fact it is. If you fill this field manually, then please remember to put the field names in UPPER CASE.

You have to also remember that if field catalog will not contain all fields from the table and you don’t pass the dictionary name to parameter I_STRUCTURE_NAME of SET_TABLE_FOR_FIRST_DISPLAY method, then it will only display this fields, which are in field catalog. 

In Figure 14 you can see that, the field catalog is created manually with only field names inside. I also do not pass I_STRUCTURE_NAME parameter, so then only field catalog will be used to prepare the display of internal table. As I haven’t filled anything in there beside the name of the field, the output will be really poor. We will have data displayed in our grid, but without any descriptions in header, without any formatting or search helps.



Figure 14 ZDEMO_AIN_CL06 Field catalog with only field names


Figure 15 ZDEMO_AI_CL06 Results

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