When you have a field that contains an amount, for example net value of an sales order, then in order to show it correctly in the grid you should fill or this field with an value of currency key (one of entries from TCURC table). You can leave this field of course empty and in many case you will, especially if you use CFIELDNAME instead. 

In many situations changing the of currency here will not make difference to the output, but there are some exceptions, for example JPY (Japanese Yen) don’t have decimal places. Figure 17 displays value of 42 294 whereas the internal value of field is 422,94. If we use ZDEMO_AIN_CL08 program with USD currency then as you seen in Figure 18, the value shown is equal to 422,94. Both outputs are correct as long as the currency of the corresponding line is the same as in field catalog.


Figure 17 ZDEMO_AIN_CL08 Output using JPY

Figure 18 ZDEMO_AIN_CL08 Output using USD


That’s why the CFIELDNAME is very handy to use in that situations where you have different currencies for different rows.