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FIX_COLUMN can be useful when you have a lots of fields in the field catalog and you want to make sure that some of the key fields are always visible, for example sales order number and position or posting document number. When you setup the value of this field to ‘X’, then the column(s) will be always visible. While scrolling the fields after the last field which has this flag will be moving left or right.

It is important to remember that it is not enough to say that for example 3rd column should be fixed. You must set this flag to all fields up to the last one, that should be fixed in order this setting work correctly.

Figure 61 ZDEMO_AIN_CL26 Setting FIX_COLUMN



Just make sure that you do not setup too much field like this, as it can happen that on small screens users will only see selected fields and nothing more.

When you’ll run the ZDEMO_AIN_CL26 program, you can see the behaviour of the FIX_COLUMN field. If you have wide screen, please resize the SAP GUI window, so the full grid is not visible.


Figure 62 ZDEMO_AIN_CL26 Field catalog fixed on AIRPFROM field


Figure 63 ZDEMO_AIN_CL26 Field catalog fixed on AIRPFROM field